The Definitive Guide to American Art Metal Jewelry Boxes 1900-1925

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The Jewel Box Book: The Definitive Guide to American Art Metal Jewelry Boxes 1900—1925

The Jewel Box Book, by Joanne Victorie Wiertella, contains a complete history and collector's guide to the beautiful art metal jewel boxes that once adorned ladies' dressing tables. This book is available in hardcover and softcover. You can buy it online or order by mail using the order form.

The Jewel Box Book offers invaluable information on the events of the period that led to the rise in popularity and sale of art metal jewel boxes. It covers improved manufacturing processes; increased world travel; the world exhibitions in Philadelphia (1876), Chicago (1893), and St. Louis (1904); the establishment of the mail order catalog; and the birth of the United States Parcel Post service to name a few.

"This beautifully presented book fills a gap in the decorative arts and antiques literature for these once common turn-of the-twentieth century objects. It is unusually well researched using jewelry trade and retailer's catalogs of the day." - Gary Kuehnle, Professional Antique Appraiser & Broker, The Chelsea Collection in Chelsea, Michigan.

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1899. My Lady’s Jewel Box

My lady’s jewel box, if chosen by herself, will quite probably give expression to some of the tastes and characteristics of its owner. It may be a richly embossed square or oblong silver casket, …. or another style of jewel box. Well established in favor, is the heart shaped affair of silver, which ranges from a considerable size down to the tiniest of ring and trinket holders. In briefly noting the contents of a well-equipped jewel box, there is no question of the article with which the chronicler must begin. It cannot be other than the ring, around which clusters so much of the sentiment and romance of jewelry tradition, which has never been more profusely and elegantly worn in this country than today. For, though modified in appearance somewhat from time to time by the vagaries of ever changing fashion, the ring yet defies them all, and, with its endless round, remains essentially the same and always beloved of womankind.

By Alice Benedict, Feb. 1, 1899. Jewelers’ Circular

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