Welcome to the Jewel Box Book Newsletter. In addition to the discovery of jewel boxes over the years, the next most fun aspect of collecting for me was the research. Even after having published my book, I would be curious as to whether I could find out more information about the manufacturers, or styles, etc. And, of course, I would search for new jewel boxes I hadn’t seen before. I have, for some time, toyed with the idea of a newsletter to supplement the content in The Jewel Box Book—In these pages you will find expanded information on antique jewel boxes, my published articles, newly discovered information on manufacturers, and a section on Services (repair and valuation of jewel boxes) since publication of THE JEWEL BOX BOOK.

Check back every so often, since it is an on-going process to add new information.  Always feel free to contact me with comments. As to questions you may have about particular Jewel Boxes/Caskets, please go to the heading Services.

You can also order THE JEWEL BOX BOOK via my order page.

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