Oldveau/Nouveau: a metalware antique jewelry box restoration service.  A quarter of a century of experience.

Please contact and discuss your item(s) and intentions before shipping.  Thank you.

Available Services and Charges
$25 for a cleaning (no paint removal, but restoration to surviving original painted or plated surface)
$45 for cleaning, plus damage restoration (paint removal, paint touch-up and repairs of hinges/holes/broken legs/cracks…).
$10 extra for replacement of top and/or bottom fabric lining, if requested.
Includes before and after photos.

Replating is not an offered option.

Postal return will be by USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.  Medium package = $11.35, Large package = $15.45
If customer insures package to me, include like fee to cover postal insurance return.

Ship To:
Steven Pody
12628 Belleflower Lane
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
(540) 785-2321

Cash, checks, money orders or PayPal (to the above e-address) accepted.  Make checks or money orders to: Steven Pody

The above offer is provided by an expert, but is NOT a guarantee of outcome.






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