Jewel Box Construction

1913  Metal Goods On metal goods silver and gold plate especially price is the index as to what the grade of plate is and which is important the material on which the plate is laid. This is on the presumption that you are buying of a reliable concern and not of a dealer in phony goods. A scratch on a thin wash over tin will become black and stay black. Britannia ware is a better base for plate goods and is higher priced than white metal. It is a fascinating sight to watch the process of gold plating. The solution is hot and the dip takes but a second or less and is repeated until the desired thickness is reached. In silver plating, cold solutions are used and the process takes a longer time. Fancy metal goods, both etched and imitation etched, change in style with the seasons, and the same is true of brass and copper goods. Hammered brass seems less the vogue than formerly. Cheap hammered brass and copper goods were simply made of domestic sheet metal laid over a wad of tar and hammered to look like the genuine hand hammered goods made from a solid block of brass or copper.  Northwestern Druggist August 1913

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