Manufacturers Post Prod Research page-Brainard and Wilson paragraph: Add following sentence to end:

The line itself is remarkable for beauty and fine finish.

 Brainard & Wilson PDF, after the title 

Insert the following swastika section in Manufacturers–Brainard &Wilson PDF page 3 BEFORE  “1908 NOVELTIES IN FANCY GOODS”


Brainard & Wilson   c.1908

The “Swastika” is derived from the Sanskrit word Svasti, meaning “well-being.” The sign dates from pre-historic times, and for thousands of years it has been used as a symbol of the sun/solar energy (Aryan), infinity (China), and continuing re-creation (Buddhism), as well as a decorative motif in the Americans, China, Europe, Greece and Scandinavia. It has been found in the catacombs of Rome, on textiles of the Inca period, and on relics unearthed at Troy.

In the early 1900’s in the United States, the Swastika motif was quite popular, and primarily associated with Native Americans. From a 1907 sales catalog: “Very popular at the present time, the Swastika is an old Indian symbol for good luck, long life, happiness and prosperity, brought to the wearer by the four winds of Heaven represented by the four arms of the cross.”

Most jewelers and art metal manufacturers offered Swastika lines. For example, the Weidlich Jewelry Company advertised souvenir spoons and jewelry in 1907. The Brainard & Wilson Company manufactured and sold a desk set (see Manufacturer section Brainard & Wilson). And some catalogs devoted entire pages to this motif.

1909 Henry Paulson & Co, Art Nouveau issue of  Jewelry Boxes & Display Goods


1907 Warren Mansfield CO. catalog

————————-end brainard & Wilson entry


Manufacturers–BENEDICT-PROCTOR after 1921 entry, insert:


Benedict-Proctor 19



















After 1926, but before 1935 INSERT:


44065 BENEDICT-PROCTOR MFG. CO. LTD.Trenton, Ont.  Silver Plated Ware and Soda Fountain Supplies, Clocks, Jewel Boxes, and Ecclesiastical Goods. Words: “Victorian Plate.”8th September, 1928.

At end of Benedict Proctor pdf, insert trademark:

another Benedic tProctor trademark






manufacturers– Benedict Mfg Co

First DELETE 1902 AD–SPOON PICTURE  and also 1903 PATENT


1902  M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co. Incorporated.  The MS Benedict Mfg. Co. of East Syracuse, N.Y., has been incorporated as a stock company with a capitalization of $600,000 and the following officers: President, M.S. Benedict, of this city; first vice-president, E.H. Banker, of New York; second vice-president John Allen, of Chicago; secretary and treasurer Harry L. Benedict, of this city.

The main office and headquarters of the company will be located at East Syracuse, where the main factory is situated, and there will be branch offices in New York, Chicago and Toronto. The factories are at East Syracuse and Ottawa, Ill., with a large shipping house at Chicago.

The new company absorbs the following concerns: The Hamilton Silver Mfg. Co., of New York and Chicago; the Benedict-Dunn Co., incorporated under the State laws of Connecticut for the manufacture of flatware at Bridgeport, Conn. and the Benedict-Clark Silver Co., of Ottawa, Ill., manufacturers of silver novelties. Eventually the Benedict Mfg. Co. at East Syracuse, which is a partnership company, will be made a part of the new corporation.

The formation of the new company will result in the consolidation of several factories. The Benedict-Dunn Co. and the Hamilton Mfg. Co., of New York, will be transferred to a new building recently erected at the Benedict factory in East Syracuse. The Hamilton house in Chicago will be consolidated with the Benedict house in that city, designated as one of the company’s chief points of distribution. The stock and machinery of the Benedict-Dunn Co. has already been installed at the East Syracuse plant and the Hamilton plant of New York is now in transit. The output at East Syracuse will consist of both flat and hollow silverware.                    HARDWARE VOL XXIV FEBRUARY 1902


1908  BENEDICT MFG. CO.’s SELLING HELPS.          The Benedict Mfg. Co., makers of silver and gold plated metal novelties and silver-plated hollow and flat wares, are conducting an advertising campaign in which they are making efforts to benefit their customers as well as themselves. They have just issued and are sending to the trade generally large sheets of ready-made advertisements of novelties in their line with illustrations of the articles advertised.  This company offers to send free to the trade the electros of these illustrations, so that the entire advertisement can be set up exactly like the originals, which have been prepared by experts at considerable cost. They also offer to give suggestions and ideas free of charge to their customers.  The sample advertisements are of various sizes, from a small six-inch single column ad, up to large showy ads, running across four columns, all handsomely and appropriately illustrated. Notions and Fancy Goods, Vol. 42.

 1908  The Benedict Mfg. Company of East Syracuse, New York, are celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary. They are sending free to the trade a very interesting booklet entitled “Selling Silverware,” which contains many interesting and valuable suggestions.

 then continue 1909 through 1911 and then insert:

1911 Benedict Assyrian Gold


1912 Benedict Mfg Co AD 1912 Dry Goods Economist, Volume 66, Issue (2)








Then carry on with 1916 ATHENIC BRONZE content:

Then conclude with:

1916.  Design in Art Metalware, by A.F. Saunders, Designer for the Benedict Mfg. Co.





SHOP NOW PAGE: first page NO; shop now should be 2nd version with larger font, etc.



1914 American Stationer HOLIDAY CATALOGUE

 From: American Stationer Vol 76, Oct 1914:

NEW HOLIDAY CATALOGUE. The new holiday catalogue of the American News Company of 9-15 Park Place, New York, is now being distributed among the stationers throughout the country. It contains many novelties which look good for Christmas selling. The illustrations herewith show some of the many attractive numbers of jewel cases which are finished in silver and gold and assorted patterns. They are lined with silk and in various popular sizes.

end shop now page


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