Anchor Silver Plate Company

President Alfred E. Seliger 1901-05

Anchor Silver Plate Co. c1898 – c1905. Muncie, IN & St Paul, MN

1892___The Toothill Silverware Co, of Oswego (NY) are winding up their affairs and, on April 1, will remove their factory to Kokomo, Ind. This industry is a side issue of the Seliger-Toothill Novelty and Silver Metal companies, Oswego, both plants having been destroyed by fire last Fall. Mr. Seliger and some interested parties organized the Anchor Silver Plate Co. D.J. Toothill, who was the primary factor in the establishment of both original factories, left the new company and established similar works on the east side of the city.— The jewelers’ circular and horological review, Volume 34

1898___   Robert Morris, formerly assistant manager for R. Wallace & Sons, had taken the management of Anchor Silver Plate Co., 107 Madison St. (Oswego, NY)

Nov. 1898__ The Anchor Silver Plate Works Oswego NY are now reported to be employing 200 hands and to be very busy.

Jan 18, 1899__ An effort is being made to induce the Anchor Silver Plate Co Oswego NY to locate in Fulton NY It is known that the company are dissatisfied with their present location and are desirous of making a change Negotiations are now being carried on with the view of securing them for Fulton. The Jewelers’ Circular and Horological Review, Vol. 37

March 8, 1899, Chicago___ George E .Freligh, four years with the Anchor Silver Plate Co. here, will soon take charge of the shipping room at the factory at Oswego, and will remove with his family to that city. From the Anchor Silver Plate Co.’s salesrooms, the showcases have already been shipped east, and considerable of the stock also, it being the evident intention of the company to close up the Chicago branch by May 1.

Mar 29, 1899___Reduction in Wages at the Anchor Silver Plate Co., OSWEGO, NY, March 23. A rumor has been in circulation to the effect that the employees of the Anchor Silver Plate Co. have received notice that their wages would be cut 15 per cent The rumor was that every employee of the factory was affected by the cut. A.E. Seliger, president and manager of the company, said in an interview, “We have heard nothing of a 15 per cent cut in the wages of our employees, and certainly Mr. Pattberg and myself should know if such action was taken.” Mr. Pattberg agreed that nothing of the kind had been done. Continuing, Captain Seliger said, “We have been figuring on certain changes in the salaries of our employees, but a cut of such large proportions was never even considered. In fact, by the new schedule, the wages of some will be increased and those of others cut. If we have a man who is receiving $20 per week, and whom we can re place with a man who can do equally good work for less money, it will be done, providing the holder of the position does not consent to a decrease.”

April 26___The Anchor Silver Plate Co., Oswego, NY, it is reported, are to move to Muncie, Ind., but the terms of bonus given the concern by the western city are not made public.

April 5___The striking employees of the Anchor Silver Plate Co., Oswego, NY, all returned to work March 29, with the exception of two or three. An agreement regarding wages was arrived at, mutually satisfactory to employers and employed.

Feb 15___Parties were in Oswego, NY last week for the purpose of looking over the plant of the Anchor Silver Plate Co., with the object of removing it to Tonawanda.

Feb 1___The Anchor Silver Plate Co., Oswego, NY, will add a department for the manufacture of women’s belts and buckles.

It is probable that the Anchor Silver Plate Co., Oswego, NY, will build a plant of their own on the site of the Seliger Toothill factory which was destroyed by fire about three years ago.

May 8___The Anchor Silver Plate Co of Oswego, N.Y., have been notified by Secretary Vickers of the Tonawanda Business Men’s Association, Tonawanda, NY, that the association is ready to close a contract with the firm for their removal to that village.

May 24___Muncie the Largest Silver Plated Manufacturing City in Indiana. Muncie, Ind., May 18– The Anchor Silver Plate Co. articles of incorporation of which, as already reported, were filed May 12, with the recorder of Delaware County, will be located at Muncie, and will employ 300 operatives. The capital stock of the company is specified as $100,000. The incorporators are Alfred E. Seliger, Oswego, NY, J.C. Johnson, A.L. Johnson, J. Edgar Johnson, and W.E. Hitchcock, all of Muncie. The local stockholders control 15 per cent of the stock. Mr. Seliger will continue manager of the plant, and the company will engage in the manufacture of silver plated ware. The removal of this factory to Muncie makes that city the chief silver plated ware manufacturing city of the State. The Ontario Silverware Co.’s plant is located here.____ The jewelers’ circular and horological review, Volume 38

Anchor Silver Plate Co 1902 Muncie, Ind. (detail)

1903___  The Anchor Silver Plate Company is, we understand, removing from Muncie, Ind., to Saginaw, Mich. because of the effect of natural gas on silverware.___American machinist, Volume 26

1906___ The Anchor Silver Plate Company of St. Paul Minn., which was burned out a year ago, have wound up their affairs and retired from business. The company simply went into liquidation as there was no indebtedness.  Platers’ guide: with which is combined Brass world, Volume 2

1907___  Muncie Ind. has an acquisition which most of the citizens knew little or nothing about until it had actually happened. This is the location of the Rider Lewis Motor Car Company, which has rented the plant of the old Anchor Silver Plate Company, and is already converting it into an automobile factory.___Automotive industries, Volume 17

1905 Anchor Silver Plate Co AD

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