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Feb 22, 1899  Harry L. Benedict a Full Partner in the M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co.– EAST SYRACUSE, NY, Feb. 15. Harry L. Benedict has been admitted as a full partner with his father, M.S. Benedict in the firm known as the M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co., makers of silver plated ware, of East Syracuse. H.L. Benedict connected himself with the business several years ago, and shortly afterward was given charge of the factory at East Syracuse. Two years ago a new building was erected, and the entire plant of the company was removed to the factory,  Mr. Benedict taking full charge of all departments. The company have, they say, a force of 22 traveling salesmen, their territory extending throughout the States and Canada. Large orders shipped abroad. Over 200 hands, they also say, are employed at the works in East Syracuse, A branch office is operated in New York city, while a full stock of goods is at Chicago to supply the western trade.­­___ Jewelers’ circular

August 1902  M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co. (Incorporated) Including M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co., Hamilton Mfg. Co., Benedict Clark Silver Co., Benedict-Dunn Co.                                         Salesrooms: NYC; East Syracuse, NY; Chicago; Toronto, Ontario

1903 Benedicts: Notable Men of Central New York








1903 Benedict Flatware handle

1905  THE M.S. BENEDICT MFG COMPANY has closed its plant at Ottawa 111 and most of its 100 employees and their families will move to Syracuse and East Syracuse NY. All of the equipment from the Ottawa factory, with the exception of the power plant, will be moved to East Syracuse and placed in a new factory building which is rapidly nearing completion. The new plant at East Syracuse is of frame slow burning construction 55 x 100 feet in dimensions and two stories high above the basement. The company expects to have the plant ready for operation next month. An effort is being made by the Benedict Company to consolidate its interests at East Syracuse and, during the past two years, extensive additions have been made to the plant.  We are advised that orders are coming in freely from all parts of the country and that the outlook indicates the biggest year in the company’s history. . . .   The Iron Age – Volume 75

1906  The M.S. Benedict Co. of East Syracuse, NY, which recently went into bankruptcy, has been reorganized under the name of the Benedict Manufacturing Company with a capital stock of $600,000. The new officers are president, H.L. Benedict; first vice-president, George N. Grouse; second vice-president, E.H. Banker; secretary, Elbert B. Van Wagner; asst. secretary, John Bailey; treasurer R.B. Roantree; asst treasurer, C.C. Graham. The heads of the different departments are enrolled as stockholders and the business will be conducted on a mutual plan. The manufacture of silver plated flat-ware, hollow-ware, and novelties will be continued.___ Platers’ guide: with which is combined Brass world, Volume 2

1909  We were obliged to call our twenty-one salesmen in off the road, November 1, and give them a vacation, as we were oversold. Our factory simply could not produce any more and there was no use taking any more orders. We could have doubled our shipments providing we could have obtained the necessary help. We were very conservative the spring and summer on our methods and our arrangements for taking care of the fall trade. When we did realize conditions, we found it impossible for us to fill our factory with skilled workmen, although we advertised in not less than a dozen of the leading cities of the country where there are similar manufacturers to ours. Everything points to a banner year in our line, 1910. We have not a shadow of a doubt but that we will have the biggest year in our history. The Benedict Mfg. Co., East Syracuse, NY. Silver Plated Ware, etc. Harry L Benedict, President. ___1909 American industries, Volume 10, By National Association of Manufacturers (U.S.)


1910  “Assyrian Gold,” a new and original line of gold-plated novelties that bids fair to become the most popular selling line in the market is now beingrendered’ by the Benedict Manufacturing Company. Inspired by the decorative arts of ancient Assyria, each piece possesses some characteristic and potent symbol of antique gems, such as the scarab, in carved jade, lapis lazuli, and various other stones of harmonious coloring, thus adding a touch of individuality and ‘special’ interest to each design. Wherever shown, Assyrian gold has been generally conceded to be by far the most original and strikingly beautiful effect ever produced in any line of novelties placed on the market in years. __Metal Industry, Volume 8

1911   SILVER PLATED WARE AND METAL GOODS. THE fourth export catalogue of the Benedict Manufacturing Company comprises 40 large pages of illustrations showing the very extensive line of silver-plated, hollow and flat ware, tinned knives, forks and spoons and metal specialties of various kinds made by this concern. This catalogue is printed in both English and Spanish, and the price of each article is plainly printed beneath the illustration so as to make the book easy for reference. This concern is said to operate the largest plant in the United States devoted exclusively to the manufacture of silver-plated ware and novelties. Its factories cover an entire city block and include a separate building for each of the three distinct lines produced namely, hollow ware, flat ware and novelties. The first 19 pages of this catalogue are devoted to illustrated descriptions of silver-plated hollow ware, comprising tea sets, fruit dishes, table vases, bread trays, cake baskets, candlesticks and candelabra, ice pitchers and sets, table casters, berry and fruit dishes, shaving sets, prize cups, etc. The line of silver-plated flat ware made by this concern includes teaspoons, table spoons, dessert spoons, knives and forks, by the dozen or gross; and also a great variety of sets, including-26 piece sets in cloth-lined drawer chests. The firm also manufacture a great variety of child’s sets, consisting of knife, fork and spoon in a cloth- lined box. The accompanying illustration shows one of these sets made in double Malacca plate.

A Child's Set of Silver Plated Ware Made by the Benedict Manufacturing Company

The firm also make a variety of articles in Karnak brass, including jardinières, fern dishes, desk sets, tobacco jars and smoking sets, clocks, candlesticks, etc. Another line consists of jewel boxes in a great variety of styles, and still another of clocks in numerous ornamental designs. The firm also make a variety of articles in Florentine brass; and make a specialty of double-tinned knives, forks and spoons. These are sold for export at the following prices per gross: Teaspoons, $1.00; coffee spoons, 90 cents (12 gross in a case); table spoons, $1.95; knives, $7.50; dessert spoons, $1.50; medium-sized forks, $2.15 (six gross in a case). The last five pages of the catalogue describe a special assortment of 24 pieces, including fruit dishes, cake baskets, jewel boxes, clocks, etc., carefully selected as sample articles of the firm’s entire line. This assortment is recommended to those merchants who desire to obtain an idea of the quality of these goods without too great an expense. The cost of the outfit complete is $80.50, less discount. The gross weight packed for shipment is 85 pounds, net weight 40 pounds. Each article in this assortment is separately illustrated so that the merchant can get a clear idea as to what he is purchasing. For copies of this catalogue, together with export discount sheet, address The Benedict Mfg. Co., Dept D, East Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.A.   ___DUN’S REVIEW Vol 18  By R.G. Dun & Company 1911

1911 The Benedict Mfg Co of East Syracuse NY, manufacturers of art metal novelties, are to build extensive additions to their plant.   Platers’ Guide: With which is Combined Brass World, Volume 7

1912  The Benedict Mfg Co of East Syracuse New York, showed a full line of their specialties in silver plated hollow and flat ware, gold plated clocks, jewelry boxes and novelties in hand hammered copper and brass. Besides this they showed a very extensive line of engraveable Oriental ivory. Fancy Goods and Notions, 1912

1916  Athenic Bronze Goods for Stationers: ATHENIC BRONZE, the latest triumph of the Benedict Art Studios, was inspired by the classic decorative art of ancient Athens It embodies a rich, ivory cameo effect on a French bronze finish and is moulded in the subtle lines of Greek proportion which, without doubt, is the most refined and dignified of the various period styles of form and decoration. The subdued old ivory of the cameo on a rich French bronze forms a most striking and refined color contrast, thoroughly in accord with the mahogany and ivory white interiors of the modern home. In design, too, each piece is thoroughly in harmony with the prevailing styles of interior decoration Particularly appropriate is this new bronze for gift purposes. It is unique, distinctive and “different.”  The wide range of prices makes it especially suitable for card prizes, holiday gifts and birthday or wedding presents. Though new in the field it has already achieved an immense popularity and our sales are steadily growing. It will help your sales, too.The line includes a large number of articles that can be advantageously handled by stationers. The numbers shown here include a desk set and ink well. There are, however, many others, details of which may be obtained from the Benedict Manufacturing Company East Syracuse NY. American Stationer, Volume 79, 1916



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