1913.  The Benedict Proctor Manufacturing Company, of this city (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), is a subsidiary of the Benedict Manufacturing Company of Syracuse, NY. Their factory was started here less than a year ago. Their business here has been enlarged by the purchase of the Defries-Woodman Company of Alliston, Canada. The entire plant has been moved to Alliston, which will be enlarged to handle the company’s entire foreign trade. The company will manufacture jewelry and silverware. The plant at Syracuse is working to full capacity.___The Metal Industry, Vol 11, No 10

1913. An industry which is practically new to Canada has been founded in Toronto by the Benedict Mfg. Company of Syracuse, manufacturer of silver plate, bronze, brass and metal goods, novelties, clock frames and jewel cases. The Canadian company will be known as the Benedict Proctor Company, Ltd., and will have a capital stock of $25,000. The company has secured a factory at 32 Church Street, and machinery is now being installed. L.G. Proctor of Toronto, who is president of the Canadian company, is superintending the opening of the new plant.  ___The Iron Age, Mar 27, 1913

1917.The Canadian factory branch of the Benedict Mfg Co, East Syracuse, NY, known as the Benedict Proctor Mfg Co Ltd has, in less than three years, outgrown its plant and facilities at Alliston and taken on new and larger quarters at Trenton, Ont. The Benedict Proctor Co started in a modest way on Church St. in Toronto five years ago. Later, it found it necessary to increase the facilities and moved to Alliston and, now after three years in Alliston, find it necessary to again increase their facilities by equipping a large modern plant at Trenton.

1917. The Benedict Proctor Mfg. Co. Ltd, maker of silver plated ware and metal goods, started moving into its new factory at Trenton, Ont., June 1. In the three years the house has been in business, it has outgrown its facilities at Alliston. The Trenton plant will be a model of efficiency and thoroughness.  The Jewelers’ Circular, Volume 74

Benedict Indestructo 1920 Benedict-Proctor

1921. H.E. Harcourt, Trenton manager, Benedict-Proctor Mfg. Co. University of Toronto monthly: Vol 21.

1924. Benedict-Proctor Manufacturing Company, Limited, Trenton Ontario, started business in Toronto on January 13, 1913, being engaged in plating blanks from their Syracuse factory. In June, 1913 they bought the Defries-Woodman Company of Alliston, and in 1918 moved to Trenton. Their list of products now includes silver……………….Leo G. Proctor is president of the company; Harry L. Benedict, vice-president; and E.M. Parker, manager. Mr. Proctor is half owner of the stock, the balance being held by the Benedict Mfg. Co., East Syracuse. Industrial Canada, Vol 25

1926. The Benedict Proctor Mfg. Co., manufacturer of silver plate ware. jewel boxes, etc., will build a large addition to factory here. Trenton, ONT., Canada.  Industry week: Volume 79

1935. Leo George Proctor, President Benedict-Proctor Mfg Co Ltd, manufacturers of silver plated hollow ware and hotel and soda………..


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