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Ellerson Leroy Brainard:   His early years were spent in farming, filling in his spare time doing carpenter’s work. From his mother he inherited an artistic taste and from his father, who could do all kinds of mechanical work needed on the farm, as making ox-carts, sleds and wagons and setting tires on the wheels or blacksmithing, as required, he inherited a mechanical tact, which with perseverance has enabled him to push forward in life, to the accomplishment of much original work, and to adapt himself to conditions and circumstances.In July, 1886, he went to Danbury, Conn., in the employ of the Rogers Silver Plate Co., as superintendent of designers and pattern makers, etc. After being with them nearly fifteen years, he established himself in business. He fitted up a room in his barn and designed patterns, which were called fine and when placed on the market proved superior to any found there. In May, 1902, a Stock Company was organized, of which E.L. Brainard was President, F.L .Wilson, Secretary and Treasurer, and Mrs. E.L. Brainard, Vice-President, for the manufacturing of white metal goods and novelties, etc. E.L. Brainard was chief manager, F.L. Wilson being engaged in the jewelry business in that city. The business from the first was promising and thus far has been very successful, employing the last part of the first year about sixty hands, and now (1904) needing additional room and an increase of workmen. He has received many patents for his inventions. His son (Harold Frank, b. March 8, 1885 in East Hampton Conn.) is working at the business, endeavoring to master it in all its details, with great promise of being of substantial aid and developing good business ability with a high sense of honor. ___ The Genealogy of the Brainerd-Brainard Family in America, 1649-1908: pt. 4-7 1904

1902   CORPORATIONS UNDER THE GENERAL LAW Brainard & Wilson Corporation, Danbury May 19, 1902___Special acts and resolutions of the State of Connecticut …, Volume 14, Part 1

Notions and fancy goods 1905

1905   Brainard L Danbury Conn Jewel casket or similar article Brainard Ellerson L assignor to Brainard & Wilson Company Danbury Conn Jewel casket or similar article Brainard & Wilson Company See Brainard Ellerson L assignor 37,238 Nov 22  United States. Government Printing Office

1906     Danbury    A new manufacturing plant for the production of plated goods was put up by the Brainard & Wilson Company The buildings are of frame construction the principal structure being two stories high 32×144 feet plating room one story high 32×56 feet casting room one story 26×40 feet and the cost of the whole $15,000._____Report By Connecticut. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

1907   the weekly payroll of one of the leading manufacturing establishments: Brainard & Wilson Co., silverware manufacturer $1,000__The American hatter, Volume 36

1907 Fabrics, Fancy Good and Notions

1908 Fancy Goods Ad

1908  Brainard & Wilson Co, Danbury, Conn. opened New York offices 621 Broadway. THE JEWELERS CIRCULAR WEEKLY

It is reported that the Brainard & Wilson Company manufacturers of novelties at Danbury, Conn. are planning to add a plating department for silver deposit work.– Metal industry, Volume 6  1908

 1908  NOVELTIES IN FANCY GOODS The New York show rooms of Brainard & Wilson Corp. of Danbury, Conn. have recently been rearranged and handsomely equipped for business. The line of samples displayed therein comprises many new designs in art and metal wares including clocks, jewelry boxes, candelabra, stationery goods, smokers articles, etc. These handsome show rooms are in the Cable Building 621 Broadway New York and are in charge of Mr Fred J Foster who was for about twenty years with Unger Brothers of Newark is now in charge of the New York salesroom of The Brainard & Wilson Co of Danbury. The line itself is remarkable for beautv and fine finish while the salesroom is fitted up and arranged so as to give the best possible for the examination of goods. 1908 Notions and Fancy Goods, Volume 42

Brainard & Wilson Ad; Jewelers' Circular Weekly 1909

1915   Sale of Brainard & Wilson property. On the 22nd of October, 1915, a manufacturing joint stock corporation, Brainard & Wilson of Danbury, Conn. property was sold for $1,277.10 to the Rogers Plate Company of Danbury. Jacob Q. Irving and Thomas C. Millard, president and treasurer, respectively, were directors of the Brainard & Wilson Company, and at the time of the sale, were acting as trustees. The purchaser at once took possession of the premises. Irving, with the consent of the trustees acted as general manager in winding up the affairs of the corporation and obtained permission to store material still on the premises (brass copper wire tubing materials and 11,610 pounds of metal molds and designs) in one of the buildings. Later, this materiel was sold for a fair and reasonable consideration. The party who bought the property then sued to recover damages for the alleged conversion, claiming it was “equipment” as specified in the deed. The Court concluded it was apparent that the B&W corporation never intended to sell or this equipment to the plaintiff.___ VREELAND v. IRVING et al. (Supreme Court of Errors of Connecticut. Jan 5, 1917.) Atlantic reporter, Volume 99

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